Marlenka Stupica


akad. slik.

Selection of exhibitions

2019 | Collection of illustrations, illustrations by Slovenian illustrators, Šivec House Gallery, Radovljica, Slovenia

2018 | Ančka Gošnik Godec and Marlenka Stupica, fairy tale writers, DLUL Gallery, Ljubljana, Slovenia

2018 | Bologna Children’s Book Fair, Quartiere fieristico di bol., Bologna, Italy

2018 | Happiness is in books, happiness is in picture books, National and University Library, Ljubljana, Slovenia

2017 | Four Ladies and Martin Krpan, Kresija Gallery, Ljubljana, Slovenia

2016 | Sentieri Illustrati, Galleria Sagittaria, Pordenone, Italy

2016 | Bears and Little Bears, Kresija Gallery, Ljubljana, Slovenia

2015 | Marlenka Stupica. Illustrations, Murska Sobota Gallery, Murska Sobota, Slovenia

2014 | Marlenka Stupica, Gallery of Prešeren Award Winners, Kranj, Slovenia

2013 | Illustrations of children’s books, KUD France Prešeren, Ljubljana, Slovenia


2019 | Župančič Lifetime Achievement Award, City of Ljubljana

2013 | Prešeren Lifetime Achievement Award, Republic of Slovenia

1999 | Levstik Lifetime Achievement Award, Mladinska knjiga publishing house

1994 | Ranking on the IBBY Honorary List, International Board on Books for Young People, Basel, Switzerland

1972 | Prešeren Fund Award for Achievements in the Field of Youth Illustration, Republic of Slovenia

1970 | Levstik Award (Leopold Suhodolčan, Krojaček hlaček, Mladinska knjiga publishing house)

1969, 1971, 1977 | Golden Plaque, Biennial of Illustration Bratislava, Bratislava, Slovakia

1966, 1973 | Golden Pen of Belgrade, Biennial of Illustration in Belgrade, Belgrade, Serbia

1960 | Levstik Award (Carlo Collodi, Pinocchio, Mladinska knjiga publishing house)

1959 | Levstik Award (Matija Valjavec, Pastir, Mladinska knjiga publishing house)

1954 | Levstik Award (Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm, Sleeping Beauty, Mladinska knjiga publishing house)

1952 | Levstik Award (Oton Župančič, Mehurčki, Mladinska knjiga publishing house)

1950 | Levstik Award (Igo Gruden, Na Krasu, Mladinska knjiga publishing house)

Selection of published illustrated works

2000 | Jacob in Wilhelm Grimm, The Star Money, Mladinska knjiga publishing house

1993 | Hans Christian Andersen, The Ugly Duckling, Mladinska knjiga publishing house

1976 | Hans Christian Andersen, Thumbelina, Mladinska knjiga publishing house

1973 | Jacob in Wilhelm Grimm, Sleeping Beauty, Mladinska knjiga publishing house

1970 | Jacob in Wilhelm Grimm, Little Red Riding Hood, Mladinska knjiga publishing house

1962 | Ela Peroci, My Umbrella Can Turn into a Balloon, Mladinska knjiga publishing house

1960 | Carlo Collodi, Pinocchio, Mladinska knjiga publishing house

1958 | Matija Valjavec, Pastir, Mladinska knjiga publishing house

1958 | Astrid Lindgren, Pippi Longstocking, Mladinska knjiga publishing house

1956 | Jacob in Wilhelm Grimm, Snow White, Mladinska knjiga publishing house